ICEBURG TECHNOCAST PRIVATE LIMITED can involve and working with customer to attain maximum value from the investment castings process. So we are providing Service Like.

  • Converting the Machining drawing into Casting Drawing with Minimum Adding Machining Allowance with Consideration of Tolerances.
  • Die (Tool) Designing for getting Maximum Output with minimum Investment in Die making.
  • Helping to create design of parts in Investment casting especially area where difficult to machine, such as cams, grooves, bosses, holes and slots, can be readily produced by IC.
  • Suggesting to customer for converting some component from Sand Casting to investment casting due to Close Dimension Tolerance can achieve in IC, avoid Extra Machining and better Finish Compare to Other Process.
  • Coring of internal configuration not possible with other manufacturing processes is readily cast in the investment casting process.
  • Also Helping to Choosing the Correct metal or Alternative metal with Cost Effectiveness & Better or same Result.
  • In Case of Emergency requirement of Casting we Can Provide Faster Prototype development & samples Also Supply PILOT bulk lot within 6-7 Days. 

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